Veepstakes: Who Will Joe Biden Choose?

Biden says he will choose a running mate in the first week of August

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The wait is nearly over.

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is getting ready to name his running mate and confirmed on Tuesday it could come as early as next week.

“I’m going to have a choice in the first week in August,” he said. “And I promise I’ll let you know when I do.”

Mr. Biden has said in the past he would choose his running mate in August and now it looks everyone is about to find out who he chose to have by his side. It is very important to remember that the veepstakes are always unpredictable and figuring out who will be chosen is never set in stone.

As unpredictable as it might be, I’ve decided to take a stab and give you my five best educated guesses on which woman will be named Mr. Biden’s VP. As a disclaimer, don’t go to Vegas and place your bets or anything.

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#5: Elizabeth Warren

The Massachusetts senator is one of the two bigger names I could see Mr. Biden choosing as his running mate. The two have a long history going back to their days in the Senate and she has always had a respect for the former Vice President.

However, I believe in my gut a person of color will be Mr. Biden’s running mate due to all the civil unrest following the death of George Floyd as President Trump continues to weaponize race. If Biden does win the election, I feel Warren would be a part of his cabinet and play a big role in his administration but her VP chances aren’t as bright.

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#4: Karen Bass

There’s a pretty good chance you’ve heard Karen Bass’ name this past week if you’ve kept a close eye on the VP search. The California congresswoman is the chair of the Congressional Black Caucus and served as speaker of the California State Assembly.

According to Politico, Bass is a favorite of Chris Dodd, Mr. Biden’s chief vetter and has plenty of experience behind her. The one negative against her is age. She is 66 years old and with Mr. Biden’s age a factor for many, it is hard to see him choosing someone four years away from 70.

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#3: Susan Rice

Mr. Biden has previously said he wants a running mate who has the experience and someone he works well with. Well, that’s why the former US Ambassador to the United Nations cracks the top three on my list. All polls are showing the former Vice President is well ahead of President Trump in the polls, according to the RealClearPolitics average.

He doesn’t have a close relationship with many of the rumored names but he has that with Rice. Mr. Biden is looking to replicate the magic he and President Obama had during their eight years in office and Rice checks all of the boxes on his list.

The negatives with Rice comes over her role in the 2012 Benghazi tragedy and that will make her a prime target for attacks from Mr. Trump and the GOP. After Hillary Clinton bringing tons of baggage in 2016, I can’t see Mr. Biden bringing baggage onto the ticket.

#2: Keisha Lance Bottoms

The Atlanta mayor has one thing going for her and that’s age. She’s only 50 years old and has been a supporter of Mr. Biden’s, even when it appeared he would lose out on clinching the nomination. Loyalty is important to him and she would be someone he can rely on.

However, her lack of experience is a major issue. Is her age and loyalty enough to earn her a spot as Mr. Biden’s VP? Something tells me that it won’t be and she’ll be close but will lose out on the veepstakes.

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#1: Kamala Harris

Sometimes the safe choice is the best choice and that is why Kamala Harris is my pick to be Mr. Biden’s running mate. Candidates who are ahead in the polls usually go with the safe choice to not ruffle any feathers.

We saw that when Obama picked Biden in 2008 and Hillary Clinton picked Tim Kaine in 2016. The VP pick doesn’t mean a candidate would win or lose but it would help any issues if the choice is made correctly.

The California Senator has been very vocal during the protests over the killing of George Floyd and has spoken out against President Trump’s mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic. She is just 55 years old, has the experience and a photo taken by the AP shows Harris on the very top of notes Mr. Biden was holding this week.

She has all the qualities to be the running mate for Mr. Biden and it could excite some voters who are undecided.

Whoever Biden chooses, the wait isn’t long now.